rudbeckia voltairine (goodbyeviolet) wrote in workisajerk,
rudbeckia voltairine


too many work things.
me work in hotel on long island, in the restaraunt part.
today i answered someone's how are you with "good, n you?" he said "if i was any better i'd be you"
whaaat? mmmkay....

some guy was outraged by his bill, so the office girls called the cops to come make him pay. it was hil-ah-rious. they were like getting the handcuffs out and he's like, okay okay okay i'll pay.... took hours though.

there are 2 other americans who work with me, the rest are europeans, puerto ricans, and russians, so you can imagine there are many misunderstandings.
todays telephony word problems-
summer soup turned into salmon soup. the guests were not excited.
we thought the salad guy was saying "a girl outside is juggling" (hmm, nice, okay...) but really "a girl (this girl was like 50 years old) out there wants yogurt" yogurt, juggles... same thing.

sigh. fun.
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