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I used to work at a coffee house in the ghetto part of a suburb right outside Boston. There was a bar next door and almost daily we had a handful of bad ass bikers in to get their java (with a side of "now, bitch") and sober up for another night of boozing.

One day as I was walking in I noticed that there seemed to be an especially large group of bikers outside the bar, and it was fucking 5 am. I shrugged it off and went in to open the store. At around 8 all these dudes in their leather with big beards and crazy long hair started filing in and it got to the point where the line was out the door and around the building. But instead of black coffee, I was overwhelmed with orders for cappucinos with vanilla soy, a bit of cinnamon, 2 equals, and various other incredibly feminine drinks.

Yeah... it was a gay biker rally. We served about 800 gay bikers that day. EIGHT HUNDRED. It's a sad day when I'm the most masculine person in the area.

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